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Dijk Christmas packages, a Christmas package the way you want it!

Welcome to Dijk Christmas packages. Here you have a choice in a wide range of Christmas packages for 2023. Sufficient choices in the different price classes, something for everyone.

From June 2023, Christmas packages can be ordered and reserved. From the end of October 2023 to mid-December 2023, all Christmas packages can be delivered or shipped.

You can send a Christmas package directly to a person of your choice or to yourself. You can specify the desired shipping address for every ordered Christmas package.

You will receive a free Christmas card with every Christmas package. You can choose a handwritten personal message or a standard text on the Christmas card.

During the ordering process you can specify any specific wishes or ideas. It's about a Christmas package the way you want it!

If you have any questions or wishes that you would like to know before ordering, please contact:

Mail: info@dijkkerstpakket.nl

SMS/Whatsapp: +31 6 33 69 27 01

or via the Online Form

Thank you for visiting Dijk Christmas Packages!


Eric Dijk